Why should you Join Instagram today?

For any new or old business venture a key factor for success lies in the promotion or good advertising of that product. The introduction of Instagram and similar sites has added on another platform that just keeps growing every single day. If used correctly and wisely it can provide a platform for tens and thousands of fans and customers which can prove to be very beneficial for any sort of setup. For any product or scheme there are followers or fans which make a very important link between the source organization and your prospective buyers. You will get to know many such benefits of setting up your account on popular sites such as Instagram.

  • While it may look like Instagram is just another site amongst many, it is not so. Instagram once set up in 2010, has been tried and tested. The number of Instagram followers has only risen with time and it is not a small number. Realistically speaking, that is a lot of people.kess
  • Instagram is where the younger generation gathers nowadays. In the recent times many people especially children in teenagers and 20’s are seen to be flocking to Instagram. One of the most popular reasons why instagram followers find there more comfortable than other s is because of the absence of relative and other family who keep an eye on then like in other social networking sites. But this is not all. You see, every time it is the younger generation that makes a product popular. It is only once the younger generation becomes comfortable with it that all other age groups also come together to work on the same platform. Going by this logic, Instagram is only going to get more and more popular from now.
  • Once on Instagram, say good bye to your old habit of posting and writing everything. Instagram followers can always just post a picture. It is less hassle free and quite convenient. Also, don’t pictures convey a lot more than just words? So express yourself freely with pictures that speak for you without really having to say anything.
  • Another reason why it is good for business ventures is because it does not use system like Edgerank. Well, Edgerank might sound rational and convenient to some but it has its negative sides to it too. Edgerank might end up making some of your posts less relevant than other. For instagram followers they can see all the pictures of any page so long as they scroll that far ahead. So for business promotion, don’t worry since all your posts carry equal importance on instagram.
  • Many a times the reason people stay away from Instagram is because the platform is still free meaning, there are no advertisements that the companies can put up. This is also set for change. Talks have been up recently to make a Instagram a paid site so there is a good possibility that Instagram will sound work just like Facebook and Twitter in the near future.



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