How crucial are Facebook likes Really?

The introduction of social media has shown many peculiar human phenomena that never existed before. It has brought in a whole new generation of people to put every bit of their life online. For this reason Facebook has also become a medium, a way to judge a person. You meet someone. You want to know about them. The first thing you do is run their page and see what type of person they are. The first image in your head about that person is his online avatar’s image which could be far from real to be honest. However, social networking has gained such a tremendous popularity that many a times people many a people are inclined to believe that if it did not happen of Facebook, it did not happen at all. The phenomena of like, share and comment works like wildfire. People do it all day long. You like your friend’s photo. You quickly go ahead and like it and then ‘share it forward.’

jkkidsAn interesting trend has trend has developed over time. Have you ever wondered why people are crazy over ‘like’? Have you wondered why you feel good when your post get the maximum ‘likes’ from people around you? Think about it. How Facebook likes affect you like nothing else and why are they such a rage.

  • Facebook likes have pretty become a sort of scale to judge other person’s popularity. For example the number of Facebook likes is often understood to be proportional to that person’s popularity, charm and attractiveness. For the person who posts, it is what one would call ‘approval’ from peers and acquaintances. And for people who like the post, all they are often trying to do is ‘to be a part of a group’. You can call it a sort of validation from peers and acquaintances. Thus, starts the cycle of Facebook likes and share.

For people, they like to be part of the group. They need to be an essential part of whichever group they interact with. You can check it the when you talk with your family or friends or teachers. Every time your demeanor changes. Why is that? It is because every time you want to fit in. you don’t want to be called an outcast, so you take the attitude that best help you achieve that goal.

Now, not that it is necessarily bad however depending on Facebook likes is doing one more thing that you might not realize. Your dependence on Facebook likes is a proof of how you let opinions of other influence you. Being liked is not a bad thing but if that factor alone is driving you to do some things and not others then there might be a small. You should have so much confidence in yourself that number of Facebook Likes should not be given so much importance that you start compromising with who and what you are. Remain original and creative. Don’t lose yourself in search of temporary acknowledgment from others.




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